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I connect with my clients with curiosity, intuition, active listening, and humor, while fostering an environment of collaboration, empathy, and safety. My style is direct in that I encourage clients to locate their internal conflicts that contribute to a sense of stagnation, pain, confusion, or harmful patterns in their lives. My work is continually driven by the intention of bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness and locating a client’s will to both address and actively change problems in their lives. I believe the body is the wise holder of unconscious emotions and truths and my work incorporates somatic modalities designed to notice and experience the nonverbal communications of the body. While I use a number of therapeutic modalities in my practice and attune to what fits best for the needs of each individual client, I am most heavily influenced by psychoanalytic and attachment based models, object relations, neuroscience, somatic work, Internal Family Systems (parts work) and ISTDP.

My work as a therapist is an absolute honor and privilege. To be entrusted with clients’ inner truths and vulnerabilities on their paths to self illumination and growth is a gift I do not take for granted. Through a commitment to this work, I wholeheartedly believe clients have the capacity to deepen their self knowledge, identify their true and Higher selves, and find inner calm, security, and peace with themselves and with others.

I further believe this work is exponentially integral in the face Western culture’s emphasis on individuation, capitalism, dissociation, and at times helplessness. I am interested in challenging Western and colonial paradigms and I believe that change on an intimate and personal level enhances greater and necessary empathy and connection to others, regardless of perceived or actual difference, with the potential to effect broader emotional, social and political change.

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